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About OceanSITES

JAMSTEC has been participated in and contributed to the international OceanSITES program (http://www.oceansites.org/index.html). OceanSITES is a system of long-term, deepwater reference stations measuring various kinds of variables and monitoring the full depth of the ocean from air-sea interactions down to 5,000 meters, in a global ocean. More than 60 OceanSITES time-series stations are now in operation. Please visit its Global Network page (http://www.oceansites.org/network/index.html) and Data page (http://www.oceansites.org/data/index.html), then you can find global maps showing where these stations are, and download all available data under the OceanSITES.

JAMSTEC's Contribution

Tree JAMSTEC projects have been contributed to the OceanSITES. JKEO project has deployed surface buoy in the north Pacific and provided atmospheric and oceanic data to OceanSITES. TRITON buoy project in tropical Pacific has also provided the similar data to OceanSITES. K2S1 project has deployed time-series sediment traps at time-series stations, K2 and S1 in the North Pacific subarctic and subtropical gyres respectively, and provided seasonal data of settling particles.
For the project overview on JKEO, KEO and K2S1 projects, please visit at,

JKEO Buoy Data Site : http://www.jamstec.go.jp/iorgc/ocorp/ktsfg/data/jkeo/index.html

TRITON Web : http://www.jamstec.go.jp/jamstec/TRITON/real_time/overview.php/po.php

K2S1 project web : http://www.jamstec.go.jp/rigc/e/ebcrp/mbcrt/index.html

International Teams

OceanSITES is an international science project. The project is coordinated by "Science Steering Team", chaired by Drs. Weller and Send, together with 17 members from 11 countries. The data collection and dissemination system is discussed and developed by "Data Management Team", chaired by Dr. Pouliquen, with 21 members.
For more detail, please visit http://www.oceansites.org/team/index.html


JKEO data file in OceanSITES format is available on the following site;


For TRITON data, please proceed to the Data Page.


Sediment trap data from K2S1 project is available on the following site:


Last Updated on October 31, 2012