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Metadata of marine biological samples collected during the scientific missions of JAMSTEC vessels (NATSUSHIMA, KAIYO, YOKOSUKA, KAIREI and MIRAI) or submersibles are registered in this database.

By using this database, you can search various sample information such as sample names, fixation and preservation methods, localities, related cruise and dive information etc.

  "Keyword Search" by any keywords or "Advanced Search" by specific data items and/or taxon trees are available from here.

  "Search from a MAP", searching biological samples from a map is available here.

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To whom want to request the biological samples

Any Researchers, Educators, etc. can request JAMSTEC’s biological samples registered in this database. See detail at "Guide for Use of JAMSTEC’s Biological Samples".
**Note that biological samples can not be sent out of Japan.

To Cruise Members & Sample Repository Contact Persons

JAMSTEC's biological samples are kept by various JAMSTEC's and external researchers who collected the samples. We would request them understand some rules about this Co-Management system.
See detail at "Notes on Our Co-Management of JAMSTEC’s Biological Samples"

Contact Us

Marine Biological Sample Database is managed by the Data Management Group, Yokohama Institute for Earth Science.
If you have any questions about this database or JAMSTEC's biological samples, please contact