About JAMSTEC Data Catalog

JAMSTEC Data Catalog helps users to find data by categories and keywords through various data sites and databases in Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC). JAMSTEC disseminates data which has been obtained during a wide variety and number of research and observational activities in the ocean and the Earth sciences. Such data is posted on the data sites or databases according to their data types, observational platforms or research projects. JAMSTEC Data Catalog collects categories, data types, abstracts, publication URLs, spatial and temporal ranges, etc. of each data site or database. Users can narrow data sites or databases by selecting categories and access to the information of data sites. If necessary, users are also able to move to the data publication sites and download the data. If you want to search individual observation data by area, variable, period etc., JAMSTEC Data Search Portal will be useful.

Metadata Standard

Metadata in the JAMSTEC Data Catalog is based on the DIF, the metadata standard of NASA's Global Change Master Directory(GCMD). Keywords of this catalog follow the GCMD's Keywords. Contents of the JAMSTEC Data Catalog are also registered to the GCMD.


JAMSTEC Data Catalog is operated by the Data Management Group, Yokohama Institute for Earth Science. Please contact to dmo@jamstec.go.jp for details of this system or contents of catalog.


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