MIRAI MR08-03 Mie-scattering lidar data

Last Modified: 2012-10-27
: MR08-03
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Time-height sections of attenuated backscatter coefficients at 532/1064nm, and volume depolarization ratio at 532 nm. Attenuated backscatter coefficient is estimated using results of inversion with Fernald's method(S1=50sr). Definition of depolarization ratio is S/P. Resolutions are 10 min and 30 m.

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Nobuo Sugimoto (NIES)
Ichiro Matsui (NIES)
Atsushi Shimizu (NIES)
Tomoaki Nishizawa (NIES)
Attenuated backscatter coefficients include both of backscatter from molecules and aerosols. They are attenuated by two-way transmittance between the lidar and the target air volume. There is no special treatment above clouds etc.
When lidar data is published, include at least one of scientists in NIES lidar team.
NIES dual wavelength polarization lidar
Instrument Information:
Flash lamp pumped Nd/YAG laser with Q-switching is employed as light source. Pulse repetition is 10 Hz. Diameter of telescope is 20 cm with 1mrad field of view. PMT/APD are employed for light detection and the intensities are digitized with 12bit A/D converters in 6 m range resolution. Data is acquired in every 10 minutes.
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: MR08-03
: Processed (PI)

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