MIRAI MR09-03 Leg2 Oxygen isotope ratio (δ18O) by mass spectrometry

Last Modified: 2012-09-28
: MR09-03 Leg2
: Processed (PI)
Oxygen isotope ratio (δ18O) by mass spectrometry
1. Seawater samples were collected in 12L Niskin bottles mounted on the CTD-rosettesystem and then transferred into 20 ml glass vials for delta18O analysis.
2. Samples were stored in refrigerator (~5degC).
3. Samples were analyzed by Dr. Naoyuki Kurita at JAMSTEC.
4. Data were reported as a permil deviation of oxygen isotope ratio of the sample fromthat of international standard seawater (VSMOW):
delta18O = {(H218O/H216O)sample-(H218O/H216O)VSMOW}/(H218O/H216O)VSMOW * 1000 [permil].

For Using Data

Shigeto Nishino (JAMSTEC)
Kikuchi, T., 2009, R/V Mirai Cruise Report MR09-03, 190 pp., JAMSTEC, Yokosuka,Japan.

Upon consultation in advance with the chief of investigation and the person(s) in chargeof research issues who gathered that data, we request that the text of the resultsmaterial contain a statement to the effect that it was obtained during the R/V Miraicruise of MR09-03, the Chief Scientist, Takashi Kikuchi (JAMSTEC), and the followingPrincipal Investigators (PI) for gathering the data.

Chief Scientist
Takashi Kikuchi
Japan Agency for Marine - Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)
2-15 Natsushima, Yokosuka, Kanagawa 237-0061, Japan
Tel: +81-46-867-9486, Fax: +81-46-867-9437
E-mail: takashik @ jamstec.go.jp

PI for data of 18O
Shigeto Nishino (JAMSTEC)
Michiyo Yamamoto-Kawai (Institute of Ocean Sciences,
Fisheries and Oceans,Canada/JAMSTEC; Now at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)
Finnigan MAT-252 mass spectrometer (Thermo Electron Corporation)
Instrument Information:
Seawater sample
MR09-03 O18 001M01-W01 to MR09-03 O18 091M01-W59
file name: MR09-03-18O(JAMSTEC)20110221.xlsx
Cruise : MR09-03
Station : StationNo._CastNo. (ex. 001_1)
CTDPRS : CTD-pressure [db]
QF : Flag of CTD-pressure
SAMPNO : SampleNo.
QF : Flag of SampleNo.
18O-1 : 1st measurement
18O-2 : 2nd measurement
18O-3 : 3rd measurement
18O-dup-1 : 1st measurement of duplicate sample
18O-dup-2 : 2nd measurement of duplicate sample
18O-dup-3 : 3rd measurement of duplicate sample
Excluded : Bad data
Remarks : Remarks
18O final : Average value of measurements excluded bad data
QF : Flag of 18O final
: MR09-03 Leg2
: Processed (PI)

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