MIRAI MR15-03 Leg2 Conductivity-Temperature-Depth Profiler (CTD)

Last Modified: 2018-07-20
: MR15-03 Leg2
: Processed (DMO)-QCed
: Pressure, Temperature, Salinity, Dissolved oxygen

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Water sampling system with CTD (30 litters * 24 bottles)
Water sampling system with CTD (12 litters * 36 bottles)
Water sampling system with CTD (12 litters * 12 bottles)
Conductivity temperature depth measurements (CTD)
CTD(Conductivity-Temperature-Depth profiler) is used to observe the vertical profiles of temperature and conductivity.
Usually, this system is operated with multicylinder water sampler.
Observed signal is transmitted from sensor to the operation room on board using wire cable, and electric power is supplied from vessel to sensor.
Details of sensors attached to CTD system for MR15-03_leg2 cruise are presented in “System”.
The following software, developed and supplied by the Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc., was used in MR15-03_leg2.
SEASAVE(ver 7.23.2) for data acquisition
SEASOFT(ver 7.23.2) for data processing
Data presented on this website is averaged over 1db.

・ Pressure sensor
Model : SBE9plus, Sea-Bird Electronics,Inc.
Serial number : 79492
Measurement range : up to 10500m
Accuracy : 0.015%F.S.
Resolution : 0.001% F.S.
・ Temperature sensor
Model : SBE3, Sea-Bird Electronics,Inc.
Serial number : 031359
Measurement range : -5.0 to +35degC
Accuracy :0.001degC
Resolution : 0.0002degC
・ Salinity sensor
Model : SBE4, Sea-Bird Electronics,Inc.
Serial number : 042435
Measurement range : 0.0 to 7 S/m
Accuracy : 0.0003 S/m
Resolution : 0.00004 S/m
・ DO sensor
Model : SBE43, Sea-Bird Electronics,Inc.
Serial number : 430575
Measurement range : 120% of surface saturation
Accuracy : 2% of saturation

Sensors used in each cast is as follows.
Cast nameSerial number of sensor
PressureTemperatureSalinityDissolved Oxygen
Calibration Information is as follows.
(1) Data processing sequence for SEASOFT is as follows;
"*" is not SEASOFT original procedure.
datcnvConvert raw data to engineering units, and store converted data in file.
tcorp*Corrected the pressure sensitivity of the temperature(SBE3) sensor.
rinkocor*Corrected the hysteresis of dissolved oxygen(RINKO III) sensor.
alignctdAlign data relative to pressure(typically used for conductivity, temperature, and oxygen)
wildeditMark a data value with badflag to eliminate wild points.
celltmPerform conductivity thermal mass correction.
filterLow-pass filter columns of data.
wfilterMedian filter removes spikes of fluorometer data.
sectionu*Extract rows of data from file.
loopeditMark a scan with badflag if scan fails pressure reversal or minimum velocity tests.
despike*Remove spikes of the data.
DeriveCalculate oxygen. (with oxygen sensor)
binavgAverage data, basing bins on pressure, depth, scan number, or time range.
bottomcut*Bottom cut deletes discontinuous scan bottom data if it's created by BINAVG.
deriveCalculate salinity, density, etc..
splitSplit data in file into upcast and downcast files.
(2) Quality control
QCed data were added flag according to the NODC (National Oceanographic Data Center) quality control procedure.
1) The gradient check of adjacent depth data
2) The density inversion check
3) The broad range check set up at given ocean space and depth
Please see the site of NODC of the following link for quality control procedure in detail.
In addition, an abnormal value is identified by a visual check, and the data after visual QC is released.
(1) In this cruise, there is extra data (dissolved oxygen obtained by RINKO sensor, fluorescence intensity, transmittance, distance to bottom) in additional to temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen that has been opened to the public. Please contact us from "Contact Us" above if necessary.
: MR15-03 Leg2
: Processed (DMO)-QCed
: Pressure, Temperature, Salinity, Dissolved oxygen

Observation Map

  1. Clicking the icon displays a balloon with observation information.
  2. Then click the observation name, figures will be displayed.
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Data List

File names
ex_read2.f (Sample Program)
Observation List
The list of observation is shown as follows.
Observation Time and Date Lat. [°] Lon. [°]
110M001 2015-10-14 18:21 45.7693 166.4740
110M002 2015-10-14 20:55 45.7751 166.4675
110M003 2015-10-14 23:15 45.8013 166.4920
: MR15-03 Leg2
: Processed (DMO)-QCed


Format Description for the Corrected Data
Provided in the Exchange Format of CCHDO (CLIVAR and Carbon Hydrographic Data Office). Please see the following link for details of Exchange Format.
Data in following cruise is not expressed with Exchange Format. Please see the site of each cruise for format.
MR02-K05 Leg1
Format Description for the QCed Data
Each data file contains one line header (meta data) followed by data lines for each cast.
The number of data lines are recorded in the header.
  1. Header part
No. Column Content Format Remarks
1 1 Header ID a1 fixed as '#'
2 3 - 6 Data ID a4 CTD
3 8 - 22 Cruise ID a15 MRYY-(K)XX(_legx)
4 24 - 31 Cast name a8
5 33 - 40 Date i8 YYYYMMDD (UTC)
6 42 - 45 Time i4 hhmm (UTC)
7 47 - 55 Latitude i2,a1,f5.2,a1 dd-mm.mmN(S)
8 57 - 66 Longitude i3,a1,f5.2,a1 ddd-mm.mmE(W)
9 68 - 71 Number of data lines i4
10 72 - 73 Terminator - CR+LF
  1. Data part
No. Column Content Unit Format Remarks
1 1 - 11 Pressure dbar f11.3
2 12 - 22 Temperature deg-C f11.4 ITS-90
3 23 - 33 Salinity PSU f11.4 PSS-78
4 34 - 44 Dissolved oxygen umol/kg f11.3
5 45 - 55 Flag - i11 1 - 7 : space
8 : flag of pressure
9 : flag of temperature
10 : flag of salinity
11 : flag of dissolved oxygen
* reference : 'Definition of Quality Control Flags'
6 56 - 57 Terminator - - CR+LF
  1. Each contents of the data part is stored in 11 bytes.
  2. Missing value is presented by '-5', and error value is presented by '-9'.

Definition of Quality Control Flags
  1. Depth Flags
  2. 0 - accepted value
    1 - error in recorded depth ( same or less than previous depth )
    2 - density inversion

  3. Observed Level Flags
  4. N - missing value
    0 - accepted value
    1 - range outlier ( outside of broad range check )
    2 - failed inversion check
    3 - failed gradient check
    4 - zero anomaly
    5 - failed combined gradient and inversion checks
    6 - failed range and inversion checks
    7 - failed range and gradient checks
    8 - failed range and zero anomaly checks
    9 - failed range and combined gradient and inversion checks
    A - failed visual check

    QCed data were added flag according to the NODC (National Oceanographic Data Center) quality control procedure, additionally visually checked. Please see the site of NODC of the following link for quality control procedure.

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An observation data was registerd.