URASHIMA URSM 00091 Submersible Bathymetry (MBES)

Last Modified: 2014-06-18
: URSM 00091
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Multi-narrow beam echo sounder on the autonomous underwater vehicle "URASHIMA"
The data provided here are the bathymetric data obtained from the multibeam echo sounder system (MBES). The system transmits the shape echo sounder beam from the transmitter and receives the beam reflected from the seabed using the hydrophone. The water depth is calculated from the travel time of the beam between the transmitter and the receiver. Having many transmitters make fan beams across the keel, this system can obtain a lot of bathymetric data on a wide angle at once.

We have no plan to process the data.

Please refer to "Application" if you wish to use the raw data.

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