SHINKAI 6500 Dive 880 Dive Data

Dive Information

Submersible Name SHINKAI 6500
Dive No. 6K 00880
Data Policy JAMSTEC
Dive Point (representative) Lat. [°]: 39.4033, Lon. [°]: 144.4183, Depth [m]: 6478
Dive Area Japan Trench
Date (LST) 2005-05-25
Dive Scientist Naoto Hirano (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
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Period: 2005-05-12 - 2005-05-26

Chief Scientist: Naoto Hirano (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Data List

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The dive event list is downloadable from the "Submersible Conductivity-Temperature-Depth Profiler (CTD)" data list, if available.

Related Dives

 6K 00876

Date (LST): 2005-05-15

Dive Scientist: Yoshitaka Sasaki (NME)

Dive Point (Lat. [°], Lon. [°]): 37.4833, 149.7617

Depth [m]: 2097

Dive Area: North Pacific Ocean

 6K 00877

Date (LST): 2005-05-21

Dive Scientist: Teruaki Ishii (The University of Tokyo)

Dive Point (Lat. [°], Lon. [°]): 37.5000, 149.7417

Depth [m]: 5934

Dive Area: North Pacific Ocean

 6K 00878

Date (LST): 2005-05-22

Dive Scientist: Stephanie Ingle (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Dive Point (Lat. [°], Lon. [°]): 37.6250, 149.5067

Depth [m]: 5979

Dive Area: North Pacific Ocean

 6K 00879

Date (LST): 2005-05-23

Dive Scientist: Shiki Machida (The University of Tokyo)

Dive Point (Lat. [°], Lon. [°]): 37.5200, 149.7550

Depth [m]: 6039

Dive Area: North Pacific Ocean

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A dive information was registered.
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