Steady course !
Cruise track of JAMSTEC vessels ( - 2013)
Launching ARGO float
Long piston corer (20m) and gravity corer (7m)
Oceanographic research vessel "MIRAI" (after 2014 upgrade)
Shinkai 6500 (left) and Shinkai 2000 (right)
Predatory tunicate (Toyama Bay, 713 m depth)
Conductivity-Temperature-Depth Profiler (CTD)
Biological samples
Deep-sea drilling vessel "CHIKYU" with Mt. Fuji
About the "Data Research System for Whole Cruise Information in JAMSTEC"
On the "Data Research System for Whole Cruise Information (DARWIN)" the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Sciences (JAMSTEC) disseminates data and sample information obtained by its research vessels and submersibles.
Please refer to the notices in "Read me first" before using this site. To use offline data and samples please see "Application for Data and Samples".
JAMSTEC requests user registration. Users who register and login are able to download multiple datasets at once, extract data from multiple datasets, and visualize multiple datasets.
The user registration is used by the common user authentication in the marine-earth science data providing service “NUUNKUI” supplied by the Global Oceanographic Data Center (GODAC), JAMSTEC.
Data Tree

You can see the data classfied by ships, science keywords, and so on.

Data Search

You can search in combination with keywords input and area designation on map.

Error of the bathymetry data (multibeam echo sounder system data) obtained from R/V Kaiyo, R/V Yokosuka, R/V Kairei and R/V Mirai

Each draft value of the ships is not normally processed for the bathymetry data due to the software bugs of CARIS HIPS/SIPS.

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6K 01418-01422, DT 01137-01148, HPD 01799-01810
KR13-02, KR14-02, KY15-06, KY15-07, MR13-E02 Leg1, MR13-E02 Leg2, MR14-E02, MR15-E01 Leg1 MR15-E01 Leg2, NT15-06, NT15-07, YK15-04, YK15-05
6K 01412-01417, HPD 01783-01798, KAIKO 00648-00651, YKDT 00163
KR15-01, KR15-03, KR15-04, KY15-04, KY15-05 Leg1, KY15-05 Leg2, MR14-06 Leg2, MR14-06 Leg3, NT15-04, NT15-05, NT15-E01, YK15-02, YK15-03
KR15-E01, KY15-03, KY15-E01, KY15-E02 NT15-02 Leg1, NT15-02 Leg2
HPD 01768-01779, KAIKO 00643-00647
HPD 01757-01764, KAIKO 00629-00638, KAIKO 00642, YKDT 00160-00162
KR15-E02, KR15-E03, KY15-01, KY15-02, MR14-06 Leg1, NT14-21, NT14-22, YK14-22, YK15-01