Flow of Meteorological Data Processing

Mean durations are different in each parameters in primary processing.
This is to give the most suitable processing for each physical quantity.
Futhermore, 10-min averaged processing for time scale adjusting in each prameters and noises removing.
* Wind, rain, and radiation data from the SMet system are used before MR00-K06 cruise because the SOAR meteorological data are not collected.
Surface Meteorological observation system
· Atomospheric Pressure
· Air Temperature (S and P)
· Relative Humidity (S and P)
· Wind
· Rain Gauge
· Optical Rain Gauge
· Shortwave Radiation
· Long-wave Radiation
· Wave
Shipboard Oceanographic and Atomospheric Radiation system
· Atomospheric Pressure
· Air Temperature
· Relative Humidity
· Wind
· Rain Gauge
· Optical Rain Gauge
· PRP(Short and Long)
1 min. Combination Data
(SMet and SOAR)
· Atomospheric Pressure from SMet
· Air Temperature from SMet
· Dewpoint Temperature from SMet
(Caliculated from AT and RH)

· Relative Humidity from SMet
· Wind from SOAR
· Rain Gauge from SOAR
2 min. Processing Data
· PSR(Shortwave) from SOAR
· PIR(Long-wave) from SOAR
Final Product Data (10 min. Average)
· Navigation Information (Date and Time, Position)
· Atomospheric Pressure [hPa]
· Air Temperature [Deg-C]
· Dewpoint Temperature [Deg-C]
· Relative Humidity [%]
· SST [Deg-C]
· Wind U and V components [m/s]
· Rain [mm/h]
· PSP [W/m2]
· PIR [W/m2]
· Significant Wave Height [m]
· Wave Period [seconds]