Application for Request of Dara or Samples

The following table summarizes application procedures for requests of individual data/sample categories.
Please read terms and conditions in detail before you submit a request.

Application procedure Notice
Observation Data Download from the DARWIN basket. If you cannot find data on DARWIN, submit "Request for JAMSTEC Data” form by e-mail. Link
Deep Sea Images Download from"JAMSTEC E-library of Deep Sea Images (J-EDI)” website."
Rock Sample Submit a web application via DARWIN Basket.*1 Link
Core Sample Submit a web application via DARWIN Basket.*1 Link
Biological Sample Please refer to the Link on the right. (International sample transfer is not available.) Link


(1) Identify data or samples

Please acquire information to identify the data or samples you are interested in, using JAMSTEC websites, etc.

Examples for typical information needed:

· ship name, cruise ID, and/or observation site that are related to data/samples acquisition

· submersible name and dive number that obtained data or samples

· type, classification, or category of data, sample or observation

· identification number or individual name of the data or samples

If you are unable to identify exact data/samples, please contact the Data Management Office(, and state your specifications, e.g. observation area in latitude/longitude ranges, observation period, or data/sample types.

(2) Check for the need of Priority Users’ permissions

When you want to request unreleased data or samples, such as those under Publication Moratorium Period, you are subject to acquire permissions from the Priority Users, e.g. Chief Scientist of the cruise or Primary Investigator of the research project, who originally obtained the data or samples.
If you receive any conditions of use from the Priority Users, please summarize those conditions in a free form document and submit it as an additional document of the application.

(3) Submit the request

(3-1) Request for observation data

Please submit "Request for JAMSTEC Data" form to the Data Management Office via e-mail.


(3-2) Request for biological samples

Please submit “Request for JAMSTEC Samples” form to the Data Management Group via e-mail, fax or postal mail. You will further submit
“Agreement for Transfer of the Biological Samples (in Japanese)” form, via postal mail. Please note that JAMSTEC is currently unable to loan or send samples to foreign countries for requests with biological research purposes. Please read a guide for use on “JAMSTEC Marine Biological Sample Database”.

Post address:

Data Management Group,

Yokohama Institute for Earth Sciences,

Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology

3173-25 Showa-machi, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama

Kanagawa 236-0001, Japan

FAX: +81-45-778-5424


(3-3) Request for rock samples or core samples*2,*3

Select samples*1using the DARWIN Basket and click the “Sample Request ” button to move to the web application form. Complete the form and submit the request.

Please submit additional sample list (MS-Excel) or documents on your project via e-mail.

Rock sample request:

Core sample request: