KAIYO Instrument


Shipboard acoustic doppler current profiler (ADCP)

Manufacturer : RD Instruments
Type : Ocean Surveyor ADCP VM-38kHz

By emitting acoustic pulse from ship bottom, the current speed and direction of down to 1000m depth are measured by the doppler shift of reflected wave.


Manufacturer : Tsurumi Seiki Co., Ltd.
Type : MK-130NW

XBT measures the vertical profile of water temperature during free fall of its probe part(temperature sensor) in the seawater. This system can be used at under way.

Multi-narrow beam echo sounder

Manufacturer : SeaBeam Instruments
Type : Sea Beam 2100

Multi-narrow beam echo sounder manufactured by SeaBeam Instruments is used on R/V Mirai. The system emits multiple acoustic beams from ship's bottom, and simultaneously receives their reflected beam from sea floor. Thus the ocean floor topography is clarified by this system. Moreover, the composition of sea floor material is revealed by strength of echoes.

Radio navigation system

Manufacturer : SENA Co., Ltd
Type :

This system displays as various navigation information graphically to support the ship handling. The principal observed data is recorded with the navigation information by this system. Moreover the navigation information is distributed to some observation systems simultaneously with LAN.

Hydroacoustic navigation system

Manufacturer : Oki Elctric Industry Co., Ltd.
Type :

This system measures the relative position of vessel by transponders placed on sea floor. In operation, retractable transducer is extended form the bottom of vessel.