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Gas chromatograph

Type : GC-14BP

Gas chromatograph measures ingredients of trace gas, such as CFC(chlorofluorocarbons) and methane in ocean-atmosphere. Ingredients are separated using the difference of affinity between the filler in column and the career(mobile-phase) which use gas. This system equips FID(Flame Ionization Detector), FPD(Flame Photometric Detector) and ECD(Electron Capture Detector).

Gas chromatgraph / Mass spectrometer ( - MR03-K01)

Manufacturer : Thermo Electron K.K.
Type : GCQ

This system is combined the gas chromatgraph and the mass spectrometer as a detector. This analyzer is used mainly for separation and analysis of the organic compound of low-molecular weight which is easy to evaporate. By using the automatic concentration of introductory unit, it is also possible to carry out automatic continuation measurement of the trace gas, such as DMS(dimethyl sulphide) in ocean-atomosphere.