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Soft X-ray camera

Manufacturer : SOFTEX Co., Ltd.
Type : PRO-TEST 150

By using soft X-rays camera, physical structure of sediment core sample is recorded by photograph at cross-section image. The sediment core sample can be checked on real time.

X-ray photo developing system

Manufacturer : FUJIFILM Corporation
Type : FIP 1400

This system is used for developing the soft X-ray film immediately on board.

X-ray fluorescent analyzer ( - MR11-02)

Manufacturer : Rigaku Corporation
Type : RIX 2000

This equipment is used for quantitative elemental anaiysis of the various samples, such as metals, minerals and biological materials. In order to get the situation of the observation point at short times, it is required to analyze the samples on board in short order.

X-ray diffractometer ( - MR11-02)

Manufacturer : Rigaku Corporation
Type : RINT 2000

This equipment is used for the nondestructive analysis of atomic structure of the sample using X-rays. Various samples, such as organic compounds, inorganic compounds, metals, minerals, polymers and biological materials, can be analyzed onboard in short order.