URASHIMA Instrument


Multi-narrow beam echo sounder on the autonomous underwater vehicle "URASHIMA"

Manufacturer : RESON Inc.
Type : SEABAT 7125

MBES performs sounding of two or more points which intersects perpendicularly with the direction of movement of the body by sending a 400kHz sound wave to the fan type which spreads from under the body to right and left. As a result, the bottom topography data is acquired.This observation equipment, can be sounding in the range of 300m and swath width of 128 degrees.

Side-scan sonar on the autonomous underwater vehicle "URASHIMA".

Manufacturer : EdgeTech
Type : 2200-M

Side-scan sonar, to get the acoustic image data representing the fine terrain and sediment by the outgoing sound waves of 120kHz, to measure the sound pressure intensity backscattered or reflected by the material of the seafloor and on the seafloor .