Rock Sample Detail: 6K#1176-R04


Sampling Location

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Latitude(1) / Longitude(1) [°] -25.2747 / 70.0924
Latitude(2) / Longitude(2) [°] -25.2747 / 70.0924
Depth [m] 2998 - 2998
Cruise and Dive
Cruise ID YK09-13 Leg2
Dive No. 6K 01176

Sample Information

Sample Name 6K#1176-R04
Rock Type Plutonic Rock
Rock Lithology Lherzolite
Rock Lithology (Details) Lherzolite
Area Central Indian Ridge, Indian Ocean
Description Mode of occurrence: On outcrop, Mn-coating (mm): 2, Weathering: High, Alteration: High, Note: Two gabbro veins (1-2mm thick). Dunite layer (1cm thick).
Collected Size 14cmx14cmx12cm
Collected Weight [kg] 4.0
Sampling Date 2009-11-14
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