1. General Information

Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) has performed wide range of marine-earth observations, for example oceanographic observations via research vessels and submersibles, moored observations and terrestrial observations. Data and sample information from these oceanographic or terrestrial observations are publicized through relevant data sites or databases on the Internet.
"JAMSTEC Data Search Portal" is an entrance to such oceanographic/terrestrial observation data and sample information in JAMSTEC. Users are able to search JAMSTEC’s research activities or data/samples across those data sites or databases by area, period or variables. This portal provides links to the data publication pages from search results.

Go to JAMSTEC Data Search Portal

2. Usage Open tutorial

By selecting data type(s), refreshing a map and choosing area with "Quick Search" tool users will get the list of records covered by the search area. Links to data publication sites will appear on the search result and users are able to go to the relevant pages. Search by period or variable is also available.

2.1 Map Window

On this window users can select data type, zoom up/down and pan the map, and designate search area.

  • Main Map
  • On the base map of topography, coast lines and borders, data acquisition positions are shown as points or lines. Colors or symbols differ according to data types. More information, for example names of ocean bottom features, cruise numbers, dive numbers or observation site names, may be displayed if zoomed up.

  • Data Selection
  • First please select data type(s) to be retrieved. All data are selected in the initial state. It is available to select more than one data type. After changing selections "Refresh" must be applied. Users can select all data types by "All" and can select no data type by "Clear".

  • Legends
  • Legends or symbols are shown.

  • Global Map
  • The extent of the main map is displayed in a red rectangular.

  • Map Tools
  • Click icons of map tools and click/drug on the main map. Tools are "Zoom In/Out", "Pan", "Global View", "Previous View" and "Initialize". "Zoom In" is default.

  • Search Tools
  • Click the "Quick Search" icon and drug on the main map to designate the search area. Retrieved data are highlighted in yellow and "Search Result Window(s)" will be popped up. "Clear Selection" tool can erase highlight color. "Advanced Search" button opens the retrieval condition window for complex search.

  • Map Information
  • Extent of the main map and latitude/longitude of the mouse cursor are displayed.

2.2 Retrieval Condition Window

  • Select Data type
  • Data types selected in the main map are already set. To change data types click “From Main Window” and go to the Map Window.

  • Select Research Vessel
  • Select "R/V name" to search by name(s) of research vessel and/or select "Cruise ID" to search by cruise name. Users can select ship name(s) from the list and input cruise name in the text box.

  • Select Submergible
  • Select "DSRV name" to search by name(s) of submersible and/or select "Dive Number" to search by dive number. Users can select submersible name(s) from the list and input dive number in the text box.

  • Select Variable
  • To search by observation terms select variable(s) from the list.

  • Search Period
  • Input "Start Date" or "End Date" from the calendar or input date in yyyy-mm-dd format to search by period. To specify one single day input the same date into both. To specify an unlimited period in one direction leave the relevant box null.

  • Search Area
  • Extent of main map is already set as retrieval area. To change the area, hit "From Map Window" and go to the Map Window.

2.3 Search Result Window

Data hit by the retrieval conditions are shown in the list. Selected more than one data type, plural "Search Result Windows" will appear.
Because some of the properties are written in Japanese, users using other language may see garbled characters for such properties.

  • Number
  • Click the number and the relevant data is highlighted in red on the main map.

  • Jump Button
  • Jump button will appear in the "Web Site" column, if relevant data publication page is available.

  • Total Data
  • Total number of the retrieved data is shown.

  • More Records
  • Up to thirty records are shown in "Search Result Window". If more than thirty records are hit, "More Records", link to the next page, is shown in the bottom of the window. In the next page "Previous 30 Records" , link to the previous page, is shown.

3. Data

Following data/samples or research activities are available now on this system. Data on this site will be updated or added without notice. >
Data Name Detail Num Last Update
Bottle Sampling Chemical analysis data from bottle sampled sea water (dissolved oxygen, nutrients, chlorophylls etc.) 5556 2017/01/17
Bathymetry Ocean bottom topography data measured by multi narrow beam echo sounder 992 2017/02/27
Cruise Track Cruise tracks of NATSUSHIMA, KAIYO, YOKOSUKA, MIRAI and KAIREI 1594 2017/02/27
CTD Vertical profile of sea water temperature and salinity, etc. measured by Conductivity Temperature Depth meter 8906 2017/01/17
Deep-Sea Images Deep sea images taken by submersibles 5203 2017/02/27
Dive Point Dive points of submersibles 6551 2017/02/27
Gravity Line Gravity data continuously measured by onboard gravity meter along cruise tracks 676 2017/02/27
Holes drilled by CHIKYU Holes drilled by Deep Sea Drilling Vessel CHIKYU 98 2011/5/24
LADCP Vertical structure of ocean currents measured by Lowered Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler 1242 2016/07/12
Land Atmospheric Composition Land atmospheric composition station 45 2017/02/27
Land Solid Earth Land solid earth station 367 2016/10/28
Land Vegitation Land vegitation Station 79 2016/09/08
Land Weather Land weather Station 410 2016/09/08
Land Station (other) Land other station 14 2014/12/08
Magnetics Line Magnetics data continuously measured by three component magnetometer along cruise tracks 722 2017/02/27
Marine Biological Sample Marine biological samples obtained by submersibles 2561 2017/02/27
Ocean Meteorology Line Ocean meteorological data continuously measured by onboard meteorological instruments along cruise tracks 171 2016/10/28
Ocean Time Series Time series observation data at mooring stations or fixed point repeat observatories 51 2009/6/30
Primary Production Primary production by phytoplankton 366 2016/10/28
Rock Sample Rock samples from deep sea floor obtained by submersibles 1937 2017/02/27
Sea-Bottom Mooring Mooring observation equipped on sea floor 4531 2016/05/25
Sediment Core Sediment core samples from deep sea floor 1152 2017/02/27
Subbottom Profiler Subbottom profiler line 91 2011/12/26
(Sub)Surface Mooring Mooring obsevation point 168 2016/05/25
Underway ADCP ADCP line 215 2017/02/27
Underway TCO2 Dissolved inorganic carbon in sea surface water continuously measured along cruise tracks 19 2016/10/28
Underway pCO2 Partial pressure of carbon dioxide in air and sea surface water continuously measured along cruise tracks 92 2017/01/17
Underway Thermo Salino Graph Temperature and salinity, etc. in sea surface water continuously measured along cruise tracks by thermosalinograph 142 2016/10/28
XBT Vertical profiles of temperature measured by expendable bathy thermograph (XBT) 3421 2017/02/27
XCTD Vertical profiles of temperature and salinity by expendable conductivity temperature depth meter (XCTD) 4063 2017/02/27

4. Background maps

Data used for background maps are in the following.
  • Coast lines/Borders
  • ESRI Data & Maps Basemap

  • Topography
  • One minute gridded data of General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO)
    The GEBCO One Minute Grid, version 2.0, http://www.gebco.net

  • Feature names
  • Feature names of bottom topography around Japan by Japan Coast Guard
    GEBCOのundersea feature names

  • Islands names
  • IOC, IHO, and BODC, 2003 , "Centenary Edition of the GEBCO Digital Atlas", published on CD-ROM on behalf of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission and the International Hydrographic Organization as part of the General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans; British Oceanographic Data Centre, Liverpool.

5. Environment

Recommended OS and browsers are following;
    Windows:Windows XP,Windows Vista / Browser:Internet Explorer 7.0 or later(except I.E.10), FireFox 3.0 or later
    Mac:MacOS X / Browser:FireFox 3.0 or later
Please note that anti-popup of your browser or its add-ons disables search result window(s).

6. Notice

Data Search Portal is just a portal site, so users should refer to the relevant data site for details or terms and conditions of specific data. For inquiries or comments about this search system or metadata in this system, please inform Data Management Office (dmo@jamstec.go.jp).