Hydrographic Data during JAMSTEC Cruises at stations KNOT and K2

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Last Updated on 02 Sep.,2011


In this report, we compile data obtained at stations KNOT(44°N, 155°E) and K2(47°N, 160°E) by JAMSTEC and correct the systematic errors in the data, in order to investigate the temporal variation of dissolved inorganic carbon and related properties (total alkalinity, temperature, salinity, oxygen, and nutrients (silicate, nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, and phosphate)) in the subarctic western North Pacific. Using this compiled data in addition to KNOT and K2 data by others (Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center CDIAC; http://cdiac.ornl.gov/oceans/Moorings/K2.html, http://cdiac.ornl.gov/oceans/Moorings/KNOT.html), the temporal variation of DIC and related properties in the subarctic western North Pacific were reported in Wakita et al. (2010).

Wakita, M., Watanabe, S., Murata, A., Tsurushima, N. and Honda M. (2010), Decadal change of dissolved inorganic carbon in the subarctic western North Pacific Ocean, Tellus, B, doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0889.2010.00476.x , 2010

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