The entire coast survey of Hatakejima Islands from 1983
Hatakejima Experimental Field is located in Tanabe Bay, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, which is composed of Hatakejima Island and Komarujima Islet, connected to the former in low tide. Hatakejima Island was purchased by Kyoto University and was designated as the ‘Hatakejima Experimental Field’ in 1968. The long-term surveys have been formally conducted on the experimental field since 1969 as the Century of Research Project. In the entire coast survey, the whole area of the experimental field was subdivided into 43 plots, and presence and absence and relative abundance of selected species of intertidal invertebrates were recorded. This dataset is the result of the entire coast survey conducted from 1983.
Nakano, T. (2021) The entire coast survey of Hatakejima Islands from 1983. Available at Accessed on yyyy-mm-dd.
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1983/05/13 ~ 2008/05/07
* Date last modified : 2022/01/26
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33.6944475 ~ 33.6987528
135.3594157 ~ 135.3655202
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