Application for Request of Data or Samples
Obtained by JAMSTEC's Research Vessels and Submersibles



"Cruise, Dive and Observation Data" list has been updated. (Reflects those published up until March 18th, 2022)


Cruise reports and data books are now downloadable again at the following website.

"Cruise reports & DATA book"

We apologize for your inconvenience caused by the prolonged limitation of our online services.

JAMSTEC is currently suspending access to data and samples obtained by JAMSTEC's research vessels and submersibles on the following websites.

We would like to apologize for the inconvenience it may have caused you, but we highly appreciate your understanding of the circumstance.

  • Data and Sample Research System for Whole Cruise Information (DARWIN)

Until the publishing system to be reopened, cruise/diving/sample information will be published in list format and applications for use of data and samples will be accepted as follows:

Before application

There are some precautions regarding the use of data and samples, please read the Terms and Conditions.

Application for Request of Data or Samples

(1) Identify data or samples

Please acquire information to identify the data or samples you are interested in, using the following lists, etc.

◆ The cruise report and data book have been republished.

    If you know the Cruise ID, you can check it from "Cruise reports & DATA book".

Examples for typical information needed:

  • ship name, cruise ID, and/or observation site that are related to data/samples acquisition
  • submersible name and dive number that obtained data or samples
  • type, classification, or category of data, sample or observation
  • identification number or individual name of the data or samples

If you are unable to identify exact data/samples, please contact the Research Data Publish Technology Group(, and state your specifications, e.g. observation area in latitude/longitude ranges, observation period, or data/sample types.

(2) Check for the need of Priority Users' permissions

When you want to request unreleased data or samples, such as those under Publication Moratorium Period, you are subject to acquire permissions from the Priority Users, e.g. Chief Scientist of the cruise or Primary Investigator of the research project, who originally obtained the data or samples.

If you receive any conditions of use from the Priority Users, please summarize those conditions in a free form document and submit it as an additional document of the application.

(3) Submit the request

(3-1) Request for observation data

Please submit "Request for JAMSTEC Data" form to the following address via e-mail.

Observation data request:

(3-2) Request for biological samples

Please read a guide for use and a mangement for biological samples.

(3-3) Request for rock samples

Please submit "Request for JAMSTEC Samples" form to the following address via e-mail.

If you have an additional sample list (MS-Excel) or documents on your project, please send them together.

Rock sample request:

(3-4) Request for core samples

For requesting core samples, please follow the guideline on "JAMSTEC Core Sample Curation" website.

Please submit "Request for JAMSTEC Cores" form to the following address via e-mail.

If you have an additional sample list (MS-Excel) or documents on your project, please send them together.

Core sample request:

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