Notes on Our Co-Management of JAMSTEC's Biological Samples
- To the Members of the Science Party of JAMSTEC's Cruises and the Sample Repository Contact Persons -

Basic Rules

Basic Policies on the Handling of Data and Samples of JAMSTEC <see detail>

  • JAMSTEC consider the data and samples obtained by JAMSTEC's cruises are the common property of the human community.
  • Unless otherwise designated, samples collected during the JAMSTEC's cruises belong to JAMSTEC. This allows us to make these samples available to the wider community.
  • The rules for biological samples have been applied from FY 2009.

Publication Moratorium Period

  • Members of the science party that collect the biological samples can use the samples exclusively for two years after the cruise. Note that the "metadata" of the samples will be published at the database soon, usually about two months, after the cruise although the samples are not open to the request during the moratorium period.
  • We will accept the request of the samples under the moratorium only when the requestor got prior permission from the chief scientist of the cruises and the sample repository contact person of the samples.

Agreement for Transfer of Biological Samples Download (Japanese)

  • All members of the science party who plan to use the biological samples that will be collected by the JAMSTEC's cruise must agree all the terms in this form. This agreement must be submitted to JAMSTEC from the representative of the science party before the cruise.

Sample Repository

Who and where

  • We request the members of the science party to store the samples in their institutions.
  • Please specify "the sample repository contact person" for each specimen.

Other notes on repository

  • We request the sample repository contact persons to store the samples for 10 years (if they are not used up for their researchers).
  • After 10 years, we will discuss with the sample repository contact person about the possibility of extended repository of the samples.
  • In the case that any members of the science party cannot continue to store the samples, we can accept and store them.
  • Please contact us when you need to deposit the JAMSTEC's samples to museums and bioresource centers etc.

Metadata Submission

Metadata Sheet (for Biological Samples) Download (Japanese)

  • Chief Scientist of the cruise must submit the list of metadata of the biological samples before one month after the cruise to Expedition Management Group, JAMSTEC.
  • We strongly recommend using above form for metadata submission.


Publication of the metadata at the database

  • The metadata of the samples will be opened at the data sites of JAMSTEC.

Registration Sheet

  • Registration Sheet is a PDF or Excel file that describes the current status of each sample. We will send it soon after the metadata of the samples has registered to the database.


  • We greatly appreciate if you can submit photos of the samples. We will put them to the database.

Use of Biological Samples

Use by the members of the science party

  • The members of the science party can use the samples based on their proposals without any additional application.
  • Use of the samples out of their proposals need sample application. <see here>

Use by someone not the members of the science party

  • Who want to use the biological samples need to apply the sample request. <see here>
  • When we receive the request of use of the sample, we will make contact with the science party members of the sample. We request the sample repository contact person to send the samples to the requester if the samples are not in use.
  • The research results by the requester are not informed to the science party members.
  • All requests of JAMSTEC's biological samples must be sent to the following contact address.

Request from foreign countries

  • The use of JAMSTEC biological samples that accompany overseas shipments must be related to projects that JAMSTEC staff members take the initiative in.

Contact address

Research Data Publish Technology Group