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Staff's Favorite Deep-sea Videos

Staff's Favorite Deep-sea Videos introduces our favorite videos with our original comments selected from JAMSTEC E-library of Deep-sea Images (J-EDI); we have been watching enormous deep-sea videos. We add a new favorite video at the beginning of every month.
(Since the videos and photos available at J-EDI are classified and added keywords based on their subject, you can search with various criteria.)
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Video List

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Ripple Mark Drawn on Seafloor
Hagfish Slime - Myxinidae -
The Strong Deep Sea Shark - Hexanchus griseus -
Squid with 8 Tentacles - Gonatopsis octopedatus -
Swimming Furiously - Asellota -
Snail Falling Down - Gastropoda -
Hydrothermal Crab Swarming To The Bait - Gandalfus yunohana -
A Polka-dot Fish - Chimaeridae -
The Fish Suddenly Opening Its own Mouth Widely - Ophidiiformes -
The Rocks Look Like Being Cut into Pieces Artificially
A Gastropod Looks Like a Stone - Onchidiopsis nihonkaiensis -
The Crab Whose Legs are Caught in the Clams - Brachyura -
Beautiful Contrast Created by Dark Deep Sea and Comb Jelly - Cydippida -
Swimming Sea Cucumber Crawling on the Deep Sea Floor - Enypniastes eximia -
Long Slender Legs Standing Out - Sea Spider ( Colossendeis nasuta ) -
Deep Sea Shrimp and Baiting Experiment - Decapoda -
Curled Up in a Ball - Sampling Actiniaria -
Act as if of One Mind - Pyrosomes ( Pyrosoma atlanticum ) -
Striped Pattern of Deep Sea - Bedding Plane -
Stretching out its Long Tentacles -Deep-sea Squid [Chiroteuthis(Chirothauma) picteti] -
Zombie Worms (Osedax sp.) Drilling into Whale Bones and Setting Down their Root-like Structures
A Seven-Arm Octopus Holding a Jellyfish -Haliphron atlanticus & Periphyllopsis braueri-
Organism with Holes on Whole Body - Sea Sponge -
Squat Lobster Eats Using Skillful Legs -Galatheoidea sp.-
Flat and Long Arm -Stygiomedusa gigantea-
Crowd of Deep Sea Corals -Alcyonacea-
Spotted Fish -Crystallichthys matsushimae-
Drifting Jellyfish in Deepsea -Periphyllopsis braueri-
Wrinkled Squid - Gonatopsis sp. -
Eelpout Peeping Through a Gap of Rock - Zoarcidae sp. -
Catching a Prey on Bell - Poralia rufescens -
Artistic Rock Formation Found at Deep Sea - Pillow Lava -
Translucent Octopus - Amphitretus sp. -
Beroe abyssicola Gleaming in Submersible Light
Vividly Colored Fish - Orange Roughy (Hoplostethus atlanticus) -
Sea Cucumber Having Two Different Types of Feet - Sea Pig (Scotoplanes globosa) -
Observable Photophores of Large-Scaled Lantern Fish (Neoscopelus macrolepidotus)
Lithodes sp. with Long Spines
Cranchiidae sp. Takes a Unique Pose
Sleeper Shark (Centroscymnus) Blinking Its Eye
Hot Water Gushing From Sea Bottom
Nettastomatidae Swimming like Waving Seaweed with His Flat Body
Vampyroteuthis infernalis Swimming with Ear-like Fins
Bathyalcyon with Spreading Tentacles
Encounter with Goblin Shark -Mitsukurina owstoni-
Snail Having Beautifully Aligned Hair -Alviniconcha-
Small Tornado Observed at Deep-sea Bottom
Umbrella Octopus Trying to Hide
Isopod Swimming Slickly Using Uchiwa-like Legs -Asellota-
Ratfish (Chimaeridae) Biting an Eel
Tripod Fish Having Very Long Thread-like Fins -Bathypterois grallator-
Caprellidae Walking Strange
Big-Headed Acanthonus armatus
Brittle Star with Plant-like Arms -Order Euryalida-
Bathysaurus Stays Absolutely Still Even When Exposed to Light
Lyrocteis imperatoris Swinging at the Sea Bottom
Huge Jellyfish Sunk to the Bottom of the Deep Sea
Squid Tactfully Using his Ink
Hermit Crab Carrying a Zoanthid on Its Back
Tunicate with a Big Mouth -Megalodicopia hians-
Pennatulacea and the Organism that seems to be an Arthropod
The State of Sea Bottom that Looks like the Surface of the Ground
Enteropneusta sp.
Hirondellea gigas
Branchiocerianthus imperator
Phormosoma bursarium
Gigantactinidae sp.
Liparidae sp.
Sampling of Polychelidae sp.
Idiacanthus antrostomus
Synaphobranchus sp.
Chtenopteryx sicula
Dragon Chimney
Acanthacaris tenuimana
Simenchelys parasitica
Scaly Foot "Chrysomallon squamiferum"
Stigmatoteuthis dofleini
Pavement-type Manganese Crust
Deepstaria enigmatica
Eptatretus okinoseanus
Oneirodidae sp.
Phronima sedentaria
Aequorea sp.
Macrocheira kaempferi
Nematocarcinus sp.
Scinidae sp.
Liquid Carbon Dioxide
Synaphobranchus kaupii
Bathymodiolus sp., Bubble
Chaceon granulatus
Submarine Volcano
Clastic Limestone
Spectrunculus grandis
Open Crack
Tritonia diomedea
Ophidiidae sp.
Bythograea thermydron
Lava Solidified as it Cooled Creating a Whirlpool Form
Chlamydoselachus anguineus
Dead Chimney
Bathypterois guentheri
Dead Chimney
Comatulida sp.
Fauna of Whale Falls
Primnoidae sp.
Sagittoidea sp.
Magnapinna pacifica
Simenchelys parasitica
Crinoidea sp.
Open Crack, Fissure, Marine Litter(Mannequin)
Flota sp.
Benthodytes sp.
Cirroteuthidae sp.
Kiyohimea sp.
Dinonemertes shinkaii
Triglidae sp.
Pristiophorus japonicus
Psychrolutes phrictus
Stomias sp.
Solmissus sp.
Hexatrygon longirostra
Cirrothauma murrayi
Active Chimney
Chionoecetes sp.
Chaunacops sp.
Chaunax sp.
Enypniastes eximia
Aegina sp.
Somniosus pacificus
Coryphaenoides acrolepis
Galatheoidea sp.
Rhinochimaeridae sp.
Open Crack
Bacterial Mat
Chionoecetes japonicus
Alvinocarididae sp.
Atolla wyvillei
Grimpoteuthis hippocrepium
Holothuroidea sp.

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