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Terms and Conditions

JAMSTEC has copyrights of all data within this site.

Images may be available free of charge when the purpose of the use is within the scope permitted by the Japanese Copyright Law, including use for academic researches, educational activities such as coursework at schools/other non-profit educational institutions, or an entire private use. Please read the instruction in the site of Images/Footage Request Form and submit the form to request a license for JAMSTEC’s images or to make an inquiry. Upon licensed, users are required to clearly indicate the source of or the copyright information of the licensed image in the materials such as articles, documents, and video in which the image is used.

JAMSTEC homepage > Public Relations > Image(s)/Footage Request Form



*When inquiring a specific video or photo, please include its video ID or photo ID shown on video player or photo viewer.

Resolutions and file formats of Archival Video Files

File format
Codec Resolution (pixels) Bit rate Periods of dives taken place
mpg MPEG-2 Video 720×480 13Mbps Dives from 1980 to 2011
m2p MPEG-2 Video 720×512 13Mbps Dives from 1980 to 2011
m2ts H.264 1920×1080 40Mbps Dives from 2011 to present

  • The data formats will change depending on dates, submersibles, types of cameras, etc. The formats listed above are illustrative only. Please use them as your references.


Contact address is as follows:


In the case of contacting JAMSTEC for a specific video or photo, please include its video ID or photo ID.

Where to find video ID and photo ID.