JAMSTEC has issued public relations publications and research papers
that include the latest research achievements and technology development.

  • The JAMSTEC Document Catalog provides users with access to back issues that are held.
  • These back issues on this site are classified into magazine name and issue date, etc.
  • Users are also able to search back issues by content.

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広報誌"Blue Earth" pdfvol.133 pdfvol.134
広報誌"JAMSTEC Newsletter Natsushima" pdfNo.349 [Japanese only]
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Academic documents"KAIYO Cruise Report" pdfKY14-14_leg1 pdfKY14-14_leg2
Academic documents"YOKOSUKA Cruise Report" pdfYK14-14
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Academic documents"NATSUSHIMA Cruise Report" pdfNT14-21 pdfNT14-22
Academic documents"KAIYO Cruise Report" pdfKY15-01

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