KAIREI KR16-05 Leg2 Cruise Data

Cruise Information

Ship Name KAIREI  
Cruise ID KR16-05 Leg2  
Period 2016-04-02 – 2016-04-20  
Chief Scientist Gou Fujie (JAMSTEC)  
Cruise Title 2016FY Acquisition of deep seismic, shallow sub-surface and seafloor bathymetry Survey Data for the Lord Howe Rise (MCS, OBS)  
Proposal Title

IODP related site survey study : 1. Lord Howe Rise project

Cruise Track
2016-04-02 00:00 Departure from Brisbane
2016-04-20 01:30 Arrival at Brisbane
Lord Howe Rise, east of Australia

Data List

Observation Data Quality Level
Cruise Summary
Cruise Report
Navigation Processed (DMO)-QCed
Bathymetry (MBES) -
Gravity Processed (DMO)-Corrected
Shipboard Three Component Magnetometer (STCM) Processed (DMO)-Corrected
Sub-Bottom Profiler (SBP) -
Expendable Conductivity-Temperature-Depth Profiler (XCTD) -
MarineFaunaObserverReport Processed (PI)

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