DMO Report FY2015

1. State of Data Dissemination as of April 2016

1.1 Cruise Information / Dive Information

Number of cruises/dives whose data was opened are shown below.

R/Vs Natsushima Kaiyo Yokosuka Mirai Kairei Chikyu
FY2015 22 20 18 12 24 0
Total 334 203 196 167 244 8
Total 1,152 cruises
Submersibles Shinkai 6500 Kaiko Hyper Dolphin Deep Tow Yokosuka Deep Tow Urashima
FY2015 11 27 128 32 12 26
Total 695 337 1,469 195 127 125
Total 2,948 dives
1.2 Data Obtained in the JAMSTEC Cruises/Dives

Number of data sets for major data types we opened are shown below.

FY2015 7 89 16 35
Total 174 797 132 272
Data Type Bathymetry Gravity Shipboard Three
Component Magnetometer
Cruise Report
FY2015 21 59 63 80
Total 659 534 583 751

One data set means a set of data files from one cruise

Total 9,700 data sets including other data types

Number of images (clipped scenes for dissemination) and still images we opened are shown below.

Image Type Video(scenes) Still Image(Photos)
FY2015 47,568 91,493
Total 310,624 1,292,417
1.3 Samples Obtained in Research Cruises/Dives

Number of sample metadata for sample types we opened are shown below.

Sample Type Rock Sample Biological Sample Sediment Core Sample
FY2015 326 2,837 78
Total 24,442 36,342 1,085

2. Number of Accesses for Data Sites and Off-line Provisions of Data/Samples

2.1 Time-series of Accesses for Data Publication Sites

Page views for data sites in past two years at the end of FY2015 are shown in categories.

Changes of page views for data sites in categories (Details are shown below)

Portal, Catalog and Summary Sites : Data Search Portal, Data Catalog, BISMaL, and JDIVES*1
Oceanographic Research Data Sites : Data Research System for Whole Cruise Information in JAMSTEC (DARWIN), MIO Ocean Radar data Site for the Eastern Tsugaru Strait (MORSETS)*2
Video/Photo Site : JAMSTEC E-library of Deep-sea Images (J-EDI)
Sample Sites : Deep Sea Rock Sample Database (GANSEKI), Sediment Core Database (COEDO), Marine Biological Sample Database
Document Site : JAMSTEC Document Catalog
Oceanographic Reanalysis Data Site:Estimated State of Global Ocean for Climate Research (ESTOC)
  • *1 JDIVES was stopped in February 2016
  • *2 MORSETS is provided only in Japanese
2.2 Off-line Provision of Data and Samples

Number of off-line provisions of data and samples in FY2015 are shown below.
(One provision may include more than one images or samples.)

Types of Data/Sample Number
Observation Data 45
Videos and Photos 186
(Rock, Core and Biological Samples)

3. Topic in FY2015

(1) Publication of Ocean Radar Data in the Eastern Tsugaru Strait

The Mutsu Institute for Oceanography installed ocean short-wave radars in the eastern Tsugaru Strait and are collecting ocean surface current direction and speed. We developed the MIO Ocean Radar Data Site for the Eastern Tsugaru Strait (MORSETS) with MIO, which displays surface current chart and makes data downloadable in semi-real time. In FY 2015 MORSETS started collecting and updating latest data automatically. We opened MORSETS in September 2015 to the Internet.

We expect that data form MORSETS will be helpful for the researchers in climate change and semi-real time data might be used in local fisheries or preventing maritime accidents. Therefore current chart in MORSETS is available not only by PCs but also by mobile devices e.g. smart phones or feature phones. We have many accesses to MORSETS by mobile devices since publication to the Internet.

MORSETS website

Windows of MORSETS (Left : PC view, Right : Smart phone view)
(MORSETS is provided only in Japanese)