Species list recorded by baited cameras at deep sea area in Japan
Species list focused on demersal fish and scavenging animal recorded by the baited camera (http://www.jamstec.go.jp/bdive/j/photosvideos/). Species names were listed in each cast of cameras, and will be added as the seasonal and annual survey in the future. This research project was conducted in the Japanese EEZ including Suruga and Sagami Bays. This data sets will be used as the background data for environmental DNA analysis of deep-sea water.
Tsuchida, S., Y. Fujiwara, M. Kawato, T. Yoshida, Y. Nagano, A. Yabuki, and K. Fujikura (2020) Species list recorded by baited cameras at deep sea area in Japan https://www.godac.jamstec.go.jp/bismal/e/dataset/JAMSTEC_bait_deepsea. Accessed on yyyy-mm-dd.
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Occurrence records
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Number of record
Record acquisition period
2019/11/21 ~ 2020/02/16
* Date last modified : 2020/05/15
Record acquisition range
34.84109722 ~ 34.86483889
138.3574 ~ 138.3700361
379 ~ 439 m
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Number of taxonomy
Number of specimen
Taxon level lower than family :96 %
Taxon level lower than species :67 %
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