Images in Coral Reef Network WEB System, as a snapshot of fauna and flora around coral reefs in Ryukyu Islands
From 2003 to 2013, Global Oceanographic Data Center (GODAC) collected pictures of organisms around coral reefs in Ryukyu Islands from citizen divers and videos obtained in GODAC’s research operations using a small remotely-operated vehicle “Niraikanai 150”. These images were published through the web site Coral Reef Network WEB System ( As the images can become a snapshot to know a past fauna or flora in Ryukyu Island, we generated biological occurrence records from the images and its metadata such as locality information and organism’s vernacular name. Latitude and longitude in biological occurrence records were determined using gazetteers (Marine Regions, Google Earth). When additional sptial information was provided in metadata, we described it as in Well-known text representation. Scientific name of organisms in each image was determined based on the vernacular name (Japanese name) using the taxonomic database BISMaL ( In case of using specific literatures for identification, its bibliographic title was added in each record.
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2002/10/29 ~ 2013/06/18
* Date last modified : 2022/03/19
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24.3047435 ~ 27.042604
124.0425091 ~ 128.432407
0 ~ 79 m
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