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Eukarya - Opisthokonta - Animalia - Arthropoda - Crustacea - Malacostraca - Eumalacostraca - Eucarida - Decapoda - Pleocyemata - Anomura - Galatheoidea - Galatheidae - Shinkaia
Shinkaia crosnieri Baba & Williams, 1998
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■ Record acquisition rangeWith latitude and longitude information:99%
24.839850 ~ 28.391670
122.698080 ~ 127.896800
692.000 ~ 1931.000 m
■ Record acquisition periodWith period:99%
1988/09/03 ~ 2018/11/16
* Date last modified:2020/02/11
■ Number of record1,253  
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Over viewLast updated2017/03/08written byTakahiro Arai
Shinkaia crosnieri is a taxonomically distinct galatheid crab specific to hydrothermal vent areas. The Carapace is longitudinally oval with a smooth dorsal surface bearing few setae. However, ventral surface of cephalothorax is densely covered with long setae bearing Beggiatoa-type filamentous bacteria. Shinkaia crosnieri was previously reported from hydrothermal vents in the Edison Seamount at the Bismarck Archipelago and the Iheya Ridge in the Okinawa Trough (Baba & Williams, 1998), and more recently found from hydrothermal areas at the north-eastern coast of Taiwan (Chan et al., 2000). The galatheid sometimes forms large aggregations around vents, and Ohta & Kim (2001) reported that S. crosnieri gathered gregariously on the diffuse chimney top where a rather high temperature gradient and high concentration of hydrogen sulfide are expected.
Shinkaia crosnieri Baba & Williams, 1998 of literature
Baba, K. and A. B. Williams (1998) New galatheoidea (Crustacea, Decapoda, Anomura) from hydrothermal systems in the West Pacific Ocean: Bismarck Archipelago and Okinawa Trough. Zoosystema, 20, 143-156.
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Chan, T.-Y., Lee, D.-A. and C.-S. Lee (2000) The first deep-sea hydrothermal animal reported from Taiwan: Shinkaia crosnieri Baba and Williams, 1998 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Galatheidae). Bulletin of Marine Science, 67, 799-804.
Fujikura, K., Okutani, T. and T. Maruyama (2012) Deep-sea life —Biological observations using research submersibles: Second Edition. Tokai University Press, Kanagawa, Japan, 487 pp. (in Japanese).
Ohta, S. and D. Kim (2001) Submergible observations of the hydrothermal vent communities on the Iheya Ridge, Mid Okinawa Trough, Japan. Journal of Oceanography. 57: 663-677.
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