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SHINKAI 6500 Dive 1356
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No.2 High Definition CAMERA: 4h 47min 52s
06:2600:5605:1200:58Holothuroidea (Swimming) , Steep slope01:5500:59Rock/Gravel02:54Rock/Gravel, Slope/Cliff07:2701:29Rock/Gravel, Discolored seabed02:0002:18Actinopterygii, Alvinocarididae (Crowd) , Observations / Experiments02:16Alvinocarididae (Crowd) 02:2604:52Alvinocarididae, Zoarcoidei (Crowd) , Chimney, Fluctuation02:0701:03Hydrothermal vent, Fluctuation, Observations / Experiments21:0001:23Alvinocarididae, Zoarcoidei (Crowd) , Fluctuation04:2900:40Alvinocarididae (Crowd) 02:3301:32Alvinocarididae (Crowd) 07:0201:24Alvinocarididae (Crowd) , Chimney, Fluctuation, Sampling03:4900:16Zoarcoidei02:3000:29Chimney, Sampling08:5401:02Chimney, Sampling18:1200:20Zoarcoidei, Sampling07:4504:58Decapoda, Alvinocarididae (Crowd) 01:54Alvinocarididae (Crowd) , Observations / Experiments15:5701:07Rock/Gravel, Discolored seabed02:0101:14Asteroidea01:0303:42Chimney02:1303:02Alvinocarididae (Crowd) 07:1601:19Alvinocarididae (Crowd) , Observations / Experiments02:4901:12Alvinocarididae (Crowd) 18:1900:52Observations / Experiments03:5101:00Alvinocarididae (Crowd) , Chimney, Fluctuation05:1200:46Galatheoidea, Alvinocarididae (Crowd) 03:4601:20Alvinocarididae, Sampling12:3701:48Rock/Gravel, Discolored seabed03:46Siboglinidae (Crowd) 06:1501:23Animalia, Siboglinidae (Crowd) , Observations / Experiments04:0201:01Siboglinidae, Sampling04:3201:46Rock/Gravel, Sampling29:4500:25Holothuroidea03:2302:2501:13
Start 09:59
End 16:49
Dive Data
Dive Data
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Dive Information
Dive Date (UTC): 2013/06/28
Dive Area:
Imagery reproduced from
GEBCO_2014 Grid, version 20150318, www.gebco.net
JTOPOv2, Marine Information Research Center, Japan Hydrographic Association, www.mirc.jha.jp/products/JTOPO30v2/
GSHHG, Version 2.3.6, www.soest.hawaii.edu/pwessel/gshhg/
Dive Point (representative):
Latitude [°]:18.37500
Longitude [°]:-81.79667
Depth [m]:2,451
Dive Purpose:
Dive Data
Dive Data
2D Track

Time Series of Depth

Temp./Salinity Graph
Time Series of Temp./Salinity

Depth Profile of Temp./Salinity

Temp. Salinity
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