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Classification : Eukarya - Opisthokonta - Animalia - Echinodermata - Holothuroidea - Elasipodida - Psychropotina - Pelagothuriidae - Enypniastes

Species Enypniastes eximia   Théel, 1882     

Enypniasets eximia is a pan-Pacific holothurian recorded at depths of 300-6,000 m. The barrel-shaped body is transparent and bearing a large anterodorsal web and a pair of posterolateral webs. The coloration of the gelatinous integument is pale pink in small individuals and dark brown-red to crimson in large individuals. This species attains a length of 25 cm. Enypniastes eximia crawls and feeds on the seabed but occasionally swims in the water column. Mechanical stimuli induce the light emittance by hundreds of luminescent granules embedded within the integument of the animal.
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