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Biological Information System for Marine LifeBiological Information System for Marine Life

Biological Information System for Marine Life
A new dataset has been published on BISMaL.
Fish collection of National Museum of Nature and Science
Please refer to the link for details.
Due to system maintenance, BISMaL will be temporary unavailable from 12:00 to 15:00 on February 4, 2019 (JST). Sorry for the inconvenience.
A new version of BISMaL has been released!
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Information on background map.
BISMaL had used Google Map as a background map to display biological occurrence records. On October 5, 2018, we stated to use Natural Earth (Made with Natural Earth. Free vector and raster map data @ as a new background map.
Concurrently, we closed BISMaL Mapper service. Thank you for using BISMaL Mapper for a long time.
A new dataset has been published on BISMaL.
Images in Coral Reef Network WEB System, as a snapshot of fauna and flora around coral reefs in Ryukyu Islands
This dataset was made based on the images archived in Coral Reef Network WEB System (
BISMaL data at a glance
Number of registered taxon on BISMaL
Last Updated:2019/03/20
Total number of registered taxon:37,792
taxon with occurrence record(s):11,855
taxon with no occurrence record(s):25,937
Number of occurrences records in kingdom Animalia
Last Updated:2019/03/20
Number of occurrence records:454,227
Last Updated:2018/04/05
Data Map
Total 454,227 records in BISMaL (right panel; April 05, 2018).
In 2017, data set on seagrass in Southeast Asian coast was published (left panel).
Sano, M., Sakamoto, S., Komatsu, T. (2016) Occurrence data of seagrasses in Southeast Asia extracted from literature. Available at Accessed on 2018-04-05.