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Surface flow direction flow rate data files
File Name
File Size
morsets_TOTL_2021_08.zip 35.1MB
morsets_TOTL_2021_07.zip 35.7MB
morsets_TOTL_2021_06.zip 34.0MB
morsets_TOTL_2021_05.zip 34.9MB
morsets_TOTL_2021_04.zip 33.6MB
morsets_TOTL_2021_03.zip 34.8MB
morsets_TOTL_2021_02.zip 30.7MB
morsets_TOTL_2021_01.zip 32.6MB
morsets_TOTL_2020_12.zip 32.5MB
morsets_TOTL_2020_11.zip 32.0MB
morsets_TOTL_2020_10.zip 33.8MB
morsets_TOTL_2020_09.zip 31.0MB
morsets_TOTL_2020_08.zip 26.6MB
morsets_TOTL_2020_07.zip 28.1MB
morsets_TOTL_2020_06.zip 22.1MB
morsets_TOTL_2020_05.zip 23.0MB
morsets_TOTL_2020_04.zip 22.4MB
morsets_TOTL_2020_03.zip 22.6MB
morsets_TOTL_2020_02.zip 21.7MB
morsets_TOTL_2020_01.zip 23.0MB
morsets_TOTL_2019_12.zip 22.9MB
morsets_TOTL_2019_11.zip 22.6MB
morsets_TOTL_2019_10.zip 26.1MB
morsets_TOTL_2019_09.zip 31.4MB
morsets_TOTL_2019_08.zip 28.8MB
morsets_TOTL_2019_07.zip 32.1MB
morsets_TOTL_2019_06.zip 32.6MB
morsets_TOTL_2019_05.zip 32.3MB
morsets_TOTL_2019_04.zip 31.9MB
morsets_TOTL_2019_03.zip 32.8MB
morsets_TOTL_2019_02.zip 29.2MB
morsets_TOTL_2019_01.zip 33.7MB
morsets_TOTL_2018_12.zip 34.4MB
morsets_TOTL_2018_11.zip 33.6MB
morsets_TOTL_2018_10.zip 35.0MB
morsets_TOTL_2018_09.zip 33.1MB
morsets_TOTL_2018_08.zip 34.6MB
morsets_TOTL_2018_07.zip 34.4MB
morsets_TOTL_2018_06.zip 33.2MB
morsets_TOTL_2018_05.zip 34.2MB
morsets_TOTL_2018_04.zip 33.1MB
morsets_TOTL_2018_03.zip 33.4MB
morsets_TOTL_2018_02.zip 30.6MB
morsets_TOTL_2018_01.zip 34.5MB
morsets_TOTL_2017_12.zip 34.3MB
morsets_TOTL_2017_11.zip 33.7MB
morsets_TOTL_2017_10.zip 34.9MB
morsets_TOTL_2017_09.zip 34.0MB
morsets_TOTL_2017_08.zip 34.8MB
morsets_TOTL_2017_07.zip 35.0MB
morsets_TOTL_2017_06.zip 31.7MB
morsets_TOTL_2017_05.zip 32.6MB
morsets_TOTL_2017_04.zip 32.0MB
morsets_TOTL_2017_03.zip 32.5MB
morsets_TOTL_2017_02.zip 20.1MB
morsets_TOTL_2017_01.zip 17.2MB
morsets_TOTL_2016_12.zip 24.3MB
morsets_TOTL_2016_11.zip 32.3MB
morsets_TOTL_2016_10.zip 35.0MB
morsets_TOTL_2016_09.zip 34.2MB
morsets_TOTL_2016_08.zip 34.3MB
morsets_TOTL_2016_07.zip 33.7MB
morsets_TOTL_2016_06.zip 28.8MB
morsets_TOTL_2016_05.zip 34.0MB
morsets_TOTL_2016_04.zip 32.6MB
morsets_TOTL_2016_03.zip 34.2MB
morsets_TOTL_2016_02.zip 23.5MB
morsets_TOTL_2016_01.zip 18.5MB
morsets_TOTL_2015_12.zip 18.5MB
morsets_TOTL_2015_11.zip 11.4MB
morsets_TOTL_2015_10.zip 16.6MB
morsets_TOTL_2015_09.zip 18.0MB
morsets_TOTL_2015_08.zip 21.9MB
morsets_TOTL_2015_07.zip 25.2MB
morsets_TOTL_2015_06.zip 33.3MB
morsets_TOTL_2015_05.zip 34.0MB
morsets_TOTL_2015_04.zip 32.6MB
morsets_TOTL_2015_03.zip 30.7MB
morsets_TOTL_2015_02.zip 30.2MB
morsets_TOTL_2015_01.zip 35.4MB
morsets_TOTL_2014_12.zip 44.6MB
morsets_TOTL_2014_11.zip 34.5MB
morsets_TOTL_2014_10.zip 36.0MB
morsets_TOTL_2014_09.zip 34.9MB
morsets_TOTL_2014_08.zip 34.2MB
morsets_TOTL_2014_07.zip 22.0MB
morsets_TOTL_2014_06.zip 29.8MB
morsets_TOTL_2014_05.zip 18.0MB
morsets_TOTL_2014_04.zip 14.7MB