DarwinCore (DwC) is a data standard to exchange or share information on biological specimen or observation. Although several DwC versions exist, J-OBIS only accepts DwC 2.0 based on the OBIS template. For more details on DwC terms, please contact here.

J-OBIS can accept dataset(s) including the four minimum required terms:

J-OBIS also strongly recommends to fill the following required terms in OBIS template:
“eventDate”, “decimalLongitude”, “decimalLatitude”, “occurrenceStatus”, and “basisOfRecord”.

OBIS has adopted WGS84 as a geographic coordinate system. J-OBIS also recommends data providers to provide geographical information of latitude and longitude in WGS84. Latitudial and longitudinal information in other geographical coordinate systems may be needed to transfer into WGS84 or may be needed to add coordinate precision. J-OBIS may correct or complement the geographical coordination information in published dataset(s) in BISMaL and OBIS. In that case, J-OBIS will notify the data provider of the dataset before data processing.

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