Data acceptanceData acceptance

J-OBIS accepts only well quality-controlled data based on the marine biological standard. Submitted data should meet DarwinCore format (DwC) including specific DwC terms designated by the J-OBIS, and the data will be reviewed by the J-OBIS Advisory Board.

J-OBIS do not claim any ownership for the submitted data/dataset(s) . The intellectual property rights of the data/dataset(s) should be attributed to the data provider (the person or organization that submits data/dataset(s) to J-OBIS) . J-OBIS, however, requests the data provider to select one of the Creative Commons licenses (CC-0, CC-BY or CC-BY-NC), and to agree that the data/dataset(s) will be made available under the selected license. Please check OBIS data policy and the following conditions:

Data submission

To submit data/dataset(s), please fill the application form (MS Word file: 48KB) , and send it the following address together with sample data (MS Excel: 14KB) in DarwinCore format (DwC2.0 or DwC1.4) . Aside from the sample data in application, the data that will be submitted and registered to BISMaL and OBIS must be in DwC2.0 format.

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