Use of dataUse of data

The data submitted to J-OBIS can be downloaded and used from BISMaL and OBIS website. Regarding to conditions on data use and redistribution, please check Creative Commons license in each dataset portal on BISMaL. If there are any unclear points in data use, please contact the original data provider of the data/dataset(s) . J-OBIS has no responsibility for data quality and validity. J-OBIS and data providers also have no responsibility for data inaccuracy or error and any problems resulting from the use of the data. J-OBIS data is sued at the users’ own risk and responsibility.

J-OBIS strongly recommends that data user should cite the data/dataset(s) with the name of data provider(s) when the user publishes research results by utilizing the data/dataset(s) of BISMaL or OBIS/GBIF. Please check the “Citation” item listed on each dataset page in OBIS or BISMaL, as well as, the “bibliographicCitation” term in each biological occurrence record.

Please contact here, if there are any unclear points in data use or any feedbacks on inconsistencies or errors in data.

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